General information

Padel Search is a web digital platform dedicated to the sport of padel equipped with a powerful search engine which, through appropriate filters, allows access to the information sheets of the main operators of market on an international level (“Brands”). A visitor, connecting publicly to the platform, can use the search engine which, however, only shaws part of the information about the Brands. To access the complete information sheets of the Brands it is necessary to sign up and become an "Authorized User" with a free or paid profile. The "Free" account allows: full use of the search engine; the possibility of making comparisons between Brands; get in touch with the Brands to request quotes for products and services (“My Requests”); access the “Padel Forum” service through which users can interact each other on topics relating to padel. The two paid profiles, "Standard" and "Premium", the details of which are reported at, are mainly aimed at users who are natural persons or legal entities who, in addition to what provided for by the free profile, intend to: promote their Brands by acquiring a better positioning in the search engine and on the Internet (“My Brands”); highlight the products and/or services related to his own Brands (“My Products&Services”); respond to requests for quotes from users registered on the platform (“Requests Received”).

Padel Search is open to all padel enthusiasts who are over 18 years of age and who are interested in interacting with other users registered on the platform to share ideas, projects and curiosities, as well as to get in touch with all the main market operators on a world. If the user is the owner of a company operating in the padel sector, the platform offers a series of services that allow you to promote his own Brand and the products&services related to it to generate new business opportunities and acquire new customers.
Brand publication

Enter the reserved area with a "Standard" or "Premium" profile (for details see the following section:, query the search engine to verify that your Brand does not is already present inside it. If it is present, enter the details of the Brand and click on the "I'm the owner of this Brand" button to access the editing mask. Enter all the missing information to highlight the Brand and save the data to update the Brand sheet. If the Brand is not present, go to the "My Brands" section and create a new one. Once the data has been saved, we will publish it on the platform after checking its consistency.

This section allows you to upload a Brand to the platform to position it prominently in search engine results. When a user carries out a search filtering by the same categories as the Brand, it will appear at the top of the results list. The more complete the Brand profile is, the greater the probability of coming out among the first results.

This section allows you to upload a service or product to the platform and link it to a previously created Brand. It must be filled in with all the information in order to appear in the Brand's tab, visible to all users of the platform. When a user performs a search by filtering for the same categories as the Brand, and enters the Brand tab, it will appear in the Brand tab as a result. The more comprehensive a service or product is, the more likely it is that the Brand will appear among the first results.

This service allows Brands associated with their users to accept contact requests from other users interested in requesting a quote within a specific category.
Free Services

This service allows the user to enter into discussions on specific topics regarding padel to share opinions, receive suggestions or for further information on the chosen topic.

This service allows you to compare up to 4 brands to evaluate their characteristics and contents reported in the relevant sheets.

This service allows you to add your favorite brands to your wish list and keep track of them within the platform.

Starting from a Padel Search reference category, the user can forward a request to all the Brands associated with that category and receive an expression of interest in getting in touch to satisfy the request. Once expressions of interest have been received from the Brands, the user will decide who to send their email address to to be contacted.
Free Trial

When you sign up for the first time on Padel Search you have 30 days of trial to evaluate all the features of the platform for free. At the end of the trial period, if you have not upgraded to a paid profile in the meantime, you can continue to use the platform with the "Free" profile.

The activation of a paid profile lasts one year from the activation date and does not renew automatically.

In the case of a non-renewal of a paid profile, the user remains active, returning to the "free" mode with the related limitations.
Processes and procedures

To update the contents of a Brand present on the platform, click on the following button below which is located within the brand detail: Consequently, the relevant Brand editing section will open through which you can update the Brand sheet to submit it for platform approval.

To carry out this operation you must have activated one of the paid profiles that allows you to publish new brands on the platform.

Brands with the most complete information sheet have a greater chance of being highlighted and appearing among the first search engine results.

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