(Under Regulation (EU) 2016/679 – GDPR)


Pursuant to the requirements set forth by the national and European Union law regulating the handling of Personal Data, the Data Controller, IT Business srl (hereinafter “IT Business”) which has its legal headquarters located at Via Savoia 80, 00198 Rome (Italy), collects the Personal Data (hereinafter “Data”) you provided through the use of the Padel Search platform (hereinafter “Platform”) in compliance with current privacy and personal data protection legislation.

By visiting this Platform, you give explicit consent to the processing of their personal Data in relation to the methods and purposes described below, including any communication to third parties in the cases provided for by law or for the provision of a service.The provision of Data and therefore consent to the collection and processing of Data is optional.  Therefore, at any time you can deny, consent or withdraw it.  If already provided previously, being aware that such eventualities may make it impossible to provide some services and / or compromise the browsing experience on the Platform. Any changes made to this Privacy Policy will be regularly published on this Platform. If, following the notification of these changes, you continue to use the Platform, then we will consider how you accept the changes made to the Privacy Policy. This Policy will be drawn up in multiple languages ​​and all versions will be valid. In the event of any discrepancies between the Italian version and other versions, the Italian version will prevail.

Collected Data

When a user browses this Platform, certain Data may be collected or requested in order to facilitate us in managing the relationship with the user. Such Data may include:

  • contact details such as name, e-mail address and telephone number;
  • information provided by the user to us;
  • information on third parties the user may provide through the Platform services;
  • information on the computer or device used, including the type of browser and settings, the IP address and traffic Data relating to the user’s Internet connection.

Purposes and legal bases of processing

We may use Data to:

  •  verify the user’s identity for purposes related to the services provided;
  • subscribe the user to a newsletter, send him updates on the services offered;
  • request an evaluation in order to improve the quality of the service;
  • allow the provision of services ensuring compliance with the legal requirements;
  • create and manage the Padel Search account, created when registering on the Platform;
  • verify the customer’s identity and right to access the Platform’s services;
  • provide quotes connected to the Platform;
  • process purchase transactions for services provided by the Platform;
  • provide updates on order status;
  • manage customer subscriptions;
  • provide technical support and customer assistance;
  • subscribe the customer to a newsletter, send him updates or technical notices;
  • request opinions or feedback from the customer and offer him the opportunity to try the Platform’s services;
  • seek and implement improvements and updates to the Platform;
  • evaluate and improve the quality of the Platform’s services;
  • offer the customer a personalized experience when consulting the Platform;
  • make the systems and applications relating to the Platform secure;
  • allow the provision of services; And
  • enforce the rights of the IT Business or ensure compliance with legal requirements.

Other Marketing Purposes In addition to the purposes described above, in compliance with the consent and obligations, we may use Data to send advertising messages, promotions and information on services tailored to the user. This may involve the use of demographic or trend data provided by third parties. To enter in contact with you we may use Data such as telephone number and email address. If you do not want Data to be used for this purpose, you can simply refuse consent on the web pages and / or within the online forms through which we collect Data. At any time you can unsubscribe from promotional email messages. Advertising linked to customer interests

IT Business may provide third parties with information regarding your interest in certain IT Business services in order to deliver advertising messages that are best suited to you. Where IT Business serves you with advertising related to your interests on a site other than IT Business’ Platform, your activities on that site will not be tracked by IT Business. When the customer clicks on the advertisements, IT Business will only know the customer’s domain of origin.
Information from third parties Third parties may provide IT Business with customer information from online and offline sources. IT Business may combine this information with information we already have to provide a better customer experience, identify interest in our products and improve the quality of our offerings. Forums on IT Business websites or networking sites IT Business operates forums, websites, and related information services to better assist you in using our products and services, address technical issues, and share experiences. The customer should keep in mind that the confidentiality of the information provided in public forums is not guaranteed, since such information can be read, acquired and used by third parties who have access to it. To request removal of Customer Data from any forum, contact IT Business here. Under certain circumstances, IT Business may not be able to remove Customer Data; in this case, it will communicate the reason to the customer. Your use of these other services may be subject to additional terms and conditions.

Transfer of Personal Data

The Platform may share some of the personal Data collected with services located outside the European Union such as Google, Facebook and Microsoft (LinkedIn) as being an adequate level of protection  guaranteed and recognized by a specific adequacy decision of the European Commission (2016/679 Privacy Shield). Any transfers of Personal Data to non-EU countries, in the absence of a European Commission adequacy decision, will only be possible if Data Controllers and Data Processors involved provide adequate guarantees of contractual nature.

Period for which your Data will be held

Personal Data processed for the purposes described above will be held in compliance with the principles of proportionality and necessity, and, in all cases, until the purposes of the processing have been completed. Security measures are observed to prevent the loss of Data, illicit or incorrect use and unauthorized access.Data collected by IT Business may be stored on our servers and wherever our suppliers operate.

Children’s Privacy

In light of the importance of protecting children’s privacy, we do not collect, process or use on our Platform any information relating to an individual who is not legally an adult according to the definition of local law. In the event that we uses or publishes the Personal Data of a person who is not legally an adult, it will request parental consent according to local laws and regulations in order to protect such person.

Right to erasure (‘right to be forgotten’)

We are committed to take reasonable measures to ensure that any request to erasure personal Data is processed with existing technology and carried out in a brief time. However, this practice does not apply to information made available to third parties, outside the scope of what we may delete. Every effort will be made to erase personal Data if the user withdraws consent (opt-out) from receiving the Data and requests the right to be forgotten.

Requests may be sent to the attention of the Data Controller IT BUSINESS by way of registered letter or e-mail:

  • e-mail:
  • address: IT Business srl – Via Savoia, 80 – 00198 Rome (Italy)